This game is a Monopoly remake made with Arduino. Each player in this game is a godfather. There are drug trafficking, women’s trade, casino operations and arms smuggling.

The aim is to squash the other godfathers.

 At the beginning of the game, each player is given a million Mafiapoly money. The tribute is cut off when another player arrives in the quadrangle in the game.

One round is expected when the police arrive

When it comes to destiny, the destiny card is chosen and the provision there is fulfilled

 Arduino part works 

When the button is pressed, the LCD appears as 5 numbers in the display. If the player has the most real money on his first move then he will move to the first number on the screen for the duration of the game. .

So each player moves 5 players at once.

Created by : Esra Çomu, Didem Toy, Afra Sönmez