To explore the complex relationships in the depths of society and the delicate texture of gender, the artist produced this installation, turning pieces of lace into sensors using the electronic textile method. With the colorful lace pieces used in this work, the artist brought together the elements representing the individuals who break the rules and are open to society’s innovations. The classic white lace symbolizes the segment of society that lives by social and gender stereotypes. As visitors interact with each piece of this installation, they experience social pressures and negative discourses coming into contact with reality. Each piece of lace carries thoughtful messages while visualizing the complexity and diversity of the fabric of society. This work offers viewers a more inclusive perspective by questioning gender-based oppression in all segments of society.

Beyoglu Cultural Road Festival 2023, İstanbul / Turkiye
Cappadocia Cultural Road Festival 2023, Nevşehir / Turkiye
Troy Cultural Road Festival 2023, Çanakkale / Turkiye