Blossom from Afra Sönmez on Vimeo.

“Blossom,” which narrates the second part of the artist’s “Walking Through” electronic textile controller trilogy.


In her first piece, “Hole,” while she was talking about birth, where our life cycle begins, and how we fall into despair, darkness, and emptiness instead of being crushed under the heavy burden as we develop, she shared the prayer provided with hope to get out of that exhaustion, face the pain and heal. This prayer was full of buds that began to blossom.

Now, with this work, she informs us that it is time to bloom today and leaves us with the work to accompany her on this growing path that she walks.

“The sounds used in her work consisted of some sounds that guided the artist on her journey to inner peace through zen and meditative sounds.”


Beyoglu Cultural Road Festival 2023, İstanbul / Turkiye
Cappadocia Cultural Road Festival 2023, Nevşehir / Turkiye
Troy Cultural Road Festival 2023, Çanakkale / Turkiye