A textile organism as an electronic instrument.
The meaning of the word ‘onism’ comes from the frustration caused by the awareness of being bound to one body that can inevitably experience only one place at a time. “ONISMA” offers a way to overcome this new feeling by allowing the audience to escape the place in which they feel stuck to reach a different one. A sound journey is activated through an electronic organism fed by urban sounds, which offers the audience an alternative way to walk through various cities. Church bells, birds, subway announcements, etc., become the foundation of a new experience of the urban landscape, allowing us to overcome our bodily limitations.

Nursinem Aslan (TR) Multidisciplinary artist who combines the subject of nature with technology. After studying in various areas and techniques, her interest in new media art and interactive systems increased. She has been experimenting with sound design, autonomous systems, generative art, and video mapping.


Special thanks

Alp Tugan
Onur Cabi
Melis Ergüven